Scrum World Tour | 2008 | Brazil | Recife

For a start Recife and Manaus now have 28 new Certified ScrumMaster.

We joined together an open and a private class in Recife. This meant we had a big enough class to guarantee a lot of fun during the Games. Especially the Ball-Point Game with this big group was fun.

I learned that when people understand the idea how to scale Scrum, after about 12hrs of Scrum Training, they are immediately able to apply this knowledge to their own organizations. Oh – we had a new record in fund raising during this class 44 Reals. We will add 50,- Euros and send it to a project in Brazil.

Recife is a very nice place, it has a lovely beach, and sharks 😉 For me the best moment, besides giving the training was the night when we went to the old part of Recife and got some impressions of the Maracatau Drums.

On Saturday I went with friends to Olinda (

It is a great little town with an upper and a lower part. The upper part is the more historical part where a lot of artists offer their paintings for sale.


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