A brick wall – no way

So, what are these findings, as taken from a survey of 1 017 North American and European Enterprises conducted in the third quarter of last year and reported in “Agile Enterprise Adoption in 2007” which was updated by Carey Schwaber?

Her conclusions are the following:

  • Agile adoption has accelerated.
  • Large Enterprises are more likely to adopt Agile.
  • Financial Service sector is leading the pack in Enterprise adoption.
  • Agile adoption is correlated with adoption of open source, SOAALM and SaaS.

The Methods and Tool survey found that from 512 respondents, adoption had increased by 77% between 2005 and 2008. Such an uptake clearly shows that adoption of Agile is accelerating and that it is therefore not a fad, nor flaming out.

Ryan concludes that based on studies like QSM studies on BMC’s Agile Adoption, delivery speeds are up four times, defect counts are lower by 11% and productivity has improved by between 20 and 50%. Impressive figures in any language.

Read Ryan’s blog response.



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