What if dropping a backlog item is not an option? Jeffs Emergency Procedure

In my experience, teams are to fast with the decision to drop a backlog item. A very nice idea comes from Jeff: He showed us in Frankfurt his _emergency procedure_: When a teams sprint burn down goes up and up and up, then the ScrumMaster has to talk to the team and the team shall then perform the emergency procdure:

  1. + Step 1: Innovate — find a different solution but reach your goal …. if it does not work then
  2. + Step 2: Find someone else to build the stuff for you – but deliver … if this does not work then
  3. + Step 3: Reduce Scope – only if there is not alternative: drop a backlog item … if this does not work and the hope is gone
  4. + Step 4: Abort the Sprint. 

I like the idea of this procedure. Because it focus on the idea that you have to think out of the box to get the success.


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