ScrumTrainer Retreat | Bedford | March 2008 | A report

This week 26 Certified ScrumTrainer from all over the world: USA, Canada, UK, Germany, China — came to the first ScrumTrainer Retreat. We discussed Kens “Updates on Scrum” and we talked about:

  • Product Owner and Product Vision (Roman Pichler and Geoff Watts)
  • We played the Scrum Ball Point Game (Boris Gloger)
  • Brent Barton presented a wonderful case study about agile release planning.
  • Michael Vizdos facilitated a session about marketing for trainers
  • Pete Behrens talked about “Organizational Patterns for Enterprise Scrum Adoption”
  • The importants of value driven User Stories was clarified by Chris Sterling
  • Mitch Lacy showed us “What ‘Done’ Is”
  • Michele did a great job in reminding us that Scrum has 5 values. (see below)
  • Gabrielle Benefield and Jens Ostergaard played with us a great game about Specs
  • Stacia Broderick showed us a very great way of running a Scrum Simulation
  • Jeff Sutherland talked about “Money for nothing, Change for free”
  • Vincent Tence did a nice job to explain why delivering features puts stress on teams
  • Bas Voode showed us – in his remarkable way – some insights into Scaling
  • Dough Ship talked about Agile Distributed Teams
  • Francois Beaurgard — reminded us that a ScrumMaster is a Change Agent
  • Lowell Lindstrom showed as a cool technique to estimate large backlogs
  • Peter Borsella talked about the expectations of training attendees

The whole Trainer Retreat was followed by very interesting insights into the work of the Scrum Alliance.

Within the next days I will put more information about these topics on this place. Come back!


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