Scrum: 3 plus 3 roles

Scrum has 3 roles: Product Owner, ScrumMaster and Team. I learned this from Ken and Jeff in Trainings and by reading their books. But if you have a closer look and if you hear the discussion than it becomes obvious that everybody talks about: Customer, End User and Management. If you think some time about this, you find that these three roles have distinct responsibilities in Scrum: The End User has to define what he wants, and accept it, the Customer has to pay for the delivered product and Management provide the organizational support for the Scrum.Teams.

I agree with Ken that the original three roles of Scrum are fundamental and that they construct the Scrum-Team. AND we need to start talking about the other three roles and we need to figure out, how they will contribute to a wider Scrum Framework.
Scrum - Produkte zuverlaessig und schnell entwickeln


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