Money for nothing | Change for free | Jeff Sutherland

— Vienna, 29.03.08,  Jeff Sutherland, Boris Gloger, and 35 more people in a large meeting room — 

Boris had invited to an event that gave all participants of this event the chance to talk to Jeff Sutherland directly.The meeting was run like a speed dating event. Every 20 minutes the people on one table needed to change to another table.This format created a very good atmosphere and a very high communication saturation. Jeff Sutherland introduced this word because he works with James Coplien and he is an specialist for mapping communication saturation of teams. The theory behind this says that a team is most productive, when everybody in the team knows everything. (See Copliens article Patterns on Productive Organizations).

Jeff Sutherland - Scrum Brunch - Vienna  

The other new idea of Jeff was to show the audience the way to leave the Fix Price / Fix Date trap, by  follow the Money for Nothing, Change for Free escape. It is a very intuitive way of convincing customers, especially people who are in charge of budget to use an agile development approach. You can see this approach in any training that is given by Jeff or myself.  

The Scrum Brunch was a well received event and all participants asked to run this event again. I will try to do my very best to organize such an event in Oktober 2008 again. Peter Beck has set up a an new Austrian Yahoo Discussion group. More information you can get by sending an email to me.


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