PresentationZen | Garr Reynolds

A good ScrumMaster needs to be able to communicate well. One way of communicating your message is giving a presentation. My journey to good presentations started when I was 21 in University. One of the reason for this presentation was my professor. She was so beautiful, I needed to find a way to impress her. So I decided to gave a presentation. I do not know the topic I was talking about anymore, but I remember — It was a disaster. I was nervous, my voice quivered, my hands too. But I survived and wanted to find the deepest hole in the earth.

After this I bought my first book about presenting, I went to presentation trainings and I learned about facilitation groups. I did many many presentations since then, and I still an amateur but I keep my eyes open to find people I can learn from.

One person I found recently is Garr Reynolds. He has a blog: PresentationZen. He wrote a book with the same title last month. I like this blog, because he finds great presentations all over the world. I learned already a lot. The latest presentation he put up on this blog is his talk at Google. If you believe it or not — it is worth the time watching it. He is not as good as I expected – but he touches all the aspects of his book and so it is a great introduction into the art of presentation.


One response to “PresentationZen | Garr Reynolds

  1. Hi Boris

    I have attended to your CSM training in Recife, Brazil and coincidentally I bought the presentation zen book last week. I’m currently organizing a Scrum Training for my whole company and this book really help me with the way I’m creating the my slides.

    Luciano Félix

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