Scrum and Video Games — Industry

I recently figured out that Scrum is still not fully accepted or even known in the Video Game industry. I had my first experience with the gaming industry when people from Rockstar Vienna had been in my training two years ago. They sparked a lot of very interesting discussions. We talked about the role of the producers, the possibilities to set up the teams, the problems of bringing content production and software development together and and and.

At the Scrum-Brunch with Jeff Sutherland, last week in Vienna, we had several people from gaming companies there. I realized that they do have very very good engineering practices, you can classify as outstanding, and they have a very very demanding and very flexible environment. My feeling was only that they work in a very ad hoc mode, with a lot of pressure. This is exactly the kind of environment that was Scrum designed for. The need for being able to react very fast and the need for creating reliable results. Usually something that plays not very well together.

If you want to see how a successful Scrum implementation in the Game Industry was done, have a look into this video: High Moon Studios created this very interesting video about their experience with Scrum, and Ken mentioned in his second book High Moon Studios as an example how Scrum helped them to ship one of their games.


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  1. Hi Boris, this is a great blog! Keep up the great work!

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