Contribution – Give something away!

Norman Kerth told me four years ago a secret of his consulting business:

Give your best idea away for free – talk about it, tell everybody about it!

Yesterday I found the same in a different way at Seth Godins Blog:

Waiting until the last minute
In a nutshell: don’t.
Bad situations to wait until the last minute:
* Sharing an idea

Today I read a very nice citation [PresentationZen, p. 195]:

This is the moment–this is the most important moment right now. Which is: We are about to contribution. That’s what our job is. It’s is not about impressing people. It’s is not about getting the next job. It’s about contributing something. — Benjamin Zander

I believe this is the secret behind a good consulting business. Be not afraid to tell people your ideas. When you give a presentation, do not hid you ideas, give away all you have. Start with yourself. Contribute something that your audience want to hear and something you love. Share your best idea, always. Nobody can steal it. Edison was right when he said: it was not the idea, it was the sweat. Nobody can steal ideas.

Most people do have ideas but do not execute ideas, most people hesitate to make the effort to do the necessary work. So share, contribute and some people will take this seed this spark and create something out of it.

All science is built by using the idea of contribution. You have an idea, you write about it. Someone reads it, tries it and has a new idea.

Creativity is one of the things that generates more by spreading it. Like love. You do not have less love when you give your love away. You get more.


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