Questions about the Ball-Point Game

I received some questions about the ball-point game:

“1. Can you give me more info on how everyone should stand?  It says you cannot pass to the left or right of you, but what about back and forth?”

The team self-organizes themselves.  It is up to them how they want to organize their rounds. The rule is made so that they are forced into not having a simple circle.  I play it in where each person  stands face-to-face to a non-neighbour.

“2. Does the same person have to introduce all the balls into the system?””

Yes – the start person for every ball is the same. This person gets the ball from the facilitator. I time all at once – you try to give them the balls as fast as possible. Untill this person learns to ask for a sustainable pace.

“3. Can you give me an example that might help me of how the game was actually played?”

No — please trust the team. The rules will help the team to come up with results.

“4. How do you go about teaching the lessons learned?”

Use questions like:

a) What has happend?
b) What kind of process did we invent (Deming Cycle)?
c) How does this compare to the Scrum Flow?
d) Did you have fun? – Why?
e) Did you need a leader?
f) What helped you to come up with a process?
g) What role did the timebox play?
h) Any other questions that will help the team to see the relationship between the game and their work place.

ATTENTION: You will see all the current dysfunctionalities of your team. PLEASE do nothing more than to observe and to play the time-keeper. Do not try to help the team. You can give them a bit more time, maybe 10 seconds, in the interims, but that is all help they should get.


One response to “Questions about the Ball-Point Game

  1. Boris,
    Thank you for your assistance. We played the Ball Point game today with great success. The team definitely understood the cocepts of the deming cycle, velocity etc. Thanks again!!!

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