Is Agile squashing innovation? | Stacia Broderick

I have already told you that Stacia Broderick is one of the most creative ScrumTrainers the community has.  She wrote a wonderful article – that I will try to condense for the fast readerMy Book

In this blog entry on Agile and innovation Stacia asks “What can management do so that teams stay innovative?”

Despite innovation being a valuable new product, service, or idea, flowing from the creative process, many innovative ideas and potential products are lost either because of lack of investment or non appreciation.  And besides who is prepared to invest money in unchartered territory?  How do we quantify the value add of a conceptual leap? The answer lies in learning how to create and operate in a Creative Culture where the only failure lies in being unreceptive to new ideas.

Management must therefore set the stage for a creative culture by:

  • Developing a creative culture and organisational attitude.
  • Encouraging innovation, not just among R&D – an “Innovation backlog” could be developed.
  • Set aside four days each month for creative sessions based on the innovation backlog.
  • Share expertise, interact, and pair off.
  • Adopt a venture capital model to fund innovation.
  • Seek to hire creative and energetic employees.
  • Encourage customers to be part of the creative developmental process.
  • Put current initiatives into the following categories: Running the business; Growing the business; and Transforming the business.

Allocate 25% to Transformation, and allow for iterations as you innovate as many steps might be needed before success is achieved. In fact iterations should be embraced as innovative experimentation.

Please go to Stacia Blog to read the full version.


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