Why do you work for a non-agile company? (1)

Young man: “Boris – I loved your training, the only thing I worry about is going back on Monday into the office.  Nothing there is as you described it. That is depressing!”

The young man (27) with his intelligent eyes was sitting about 3 meters away on the right side of the room.  Bob Schatz and myself had been observing his clever questions and engaging activities during the training.

Boris: “Didn’t you tell me, that you are an independent consultant?”

Young man: “Yes – and I was working on an agile project before, but this (…)”

My eyebrow rose and I was very provocative, maybe to much.

Boris: “What are you doing?  I mean, you know how much fun an agile project is. Now you tell me that you choose to work in an non-agile environment. That  it is not fun and you do not really know what you are doing there?  Sorry, that does not make sense. Why do you spend your life with something, that you do not like doing? Is there a lack of jobs in Belgium? If yes, give me a call, I have plenty of opportunities for you.”

He looked at me puzzled and smiled. Later he came to me, told that I was right. But unfortunately I do not know if he acted accordingly.


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