Do you need developers? | Why do you work for a non-agile company? (2)

— Vienna, 29.03.08 — During the Scrum Brunch, Jeff Sutherland asked a very simple question.

“Do you have a shortage of Software Developers in Austria?” Everybody nodded. “Ok – there are 100 000 Developers in Austria. How many are good?” No immediate answer from the audience. “Let’s say 1000. Is this enough for you? Do you want to have them?” Again everybody nodded.

“We at Patient Keeper, steal the best developers from our competitors because they want to work for us. I got requests from people who want to work with us for 6 months for free, because they want to learn what we are doing.”

What Jeff tried explain to us is that people do want to work in “real” agile software development teams. In teams in which it makes sense to work, in which you feel responsible and valued for what you are doing. In teams which produce results and in which they can act like professionals. Development in the USA is already moving in the direction where companies which have a reputation for using Scrum are attracting good developers.

CIOs/CTOs who need people for growing their business – go Scrum, do it right and you won’t have problems to find good people.


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