Each day is a lifetime – Carpe Diem!

A car accident, hospitals and he was out of business. Norman Kerth, Author of Project Retrospectives, one of the most brilliant people I know, suffered a brain injury caused by a driver who hit his car a couple of years ago.  He is only able to use his full brain capacity a couple of hours a day, but then … incredible.  He can give you insights into the art of computer science, into group dynamics and into project retrospectives you would never have without him.  I feel sorry for him but he does not – he embraces every day and still tries to contribute as much as he can.

A fuzzy feeling in her leg, sometimes she stumbles, a visit of one doctor, the next doctor — she has MS.  A crisis, it gets worse, she can not really use her right hand anymore.  I am sad, I am angry and I am astonished.  She does not whine, or blame the world — she works, tries to be the best in her field and fights.  She uses every moment to contribute.  Every morning she starts and uses the day to achieve something.

Jasmin (3) had a microcephaly not knowing this, she runs down the corridor into my arms – she believed life is as it is.  She loved us and she loved simply to be. I worked in a kindergarten for handicapped and brain injured children, 20 years ago in Wiesbaden. These kids loved their life.  There was never a sadness in her face.  They loved to play, they enjoyed it when we cared about them, when we showed them our attention, when we simply accepted them as they were. I will never forget Jasmine.  We should learn from her — We live to do what we want to do.  Life is to short to worry and life is to short not to contribute where we can.

Garr Raynold has inspired me to talk about this by blogging his story about Dr. Randy Pausch. Garr reminded me and us about how wonderful life is.  Please visit his blog and look up the presentations he mentions.


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