Sutherland and Gloger — A Dream Team | Scrum Training | 27.03.08 |

— Vienna, 27.03.08 — 30 people from all over Europe came to Vienna to see Sutherland and Gloger performing together.  Attendees said that they enjoyed seeing both together.  Sutherland’s case studies with Gloger’s way of presenting created a memorable experience.

People enjoyed the class especially in the evening when they had to cook.  The Scrum Cooking part of the training involved forming people into teams (5 in each) getting a recipe and a backlog.  They then had 30 minutes to organize themselves, to cook, and to present there meals before cleaning up.  A jury then voted the best team of the round.  Later in the evening we had a nice get together.

This experience created teams instantly.  By working on something enjoyable, possible and meaningful, teams had the chance to experience the flow of work.  Pictures about the event and the training can be found here: photos

The next Certified ScrumTraining in Vienna will be on the 5th of May.  You can find more info on the SPRiNT iT website.


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