Pangea Day – May 10, 2008: A Global Film Event Harnessing the Power of Film to Inspire and Compel Social Change

Today I received an email about Pangea Day

“Wherever you will be on Saturday May 10, Pangea Day, you are warmly invited to join me and countless others around the world for a powerful, first-of-its kind experience.

Gathered in homes, movie theaters and larger venues, we will participate in a remarkable program of films and talks — a kind of super-charged, marathon TED session — celebrating our common humanity. If you think of yourself as something of a global soul, it could be one of the year’s highlights. And in fact you could play an invaluable role in helping it realize its full potential…”

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I think we can agree our world is becoming ever smaller/flatter/more inter-connected.  An important consequence of this is that all of the issues that matter — war, terrorism, poverty, disease, human rights, environment, climate change — can only be tackled now from a global perspective.  And yet the people supposedly trying to solve them are almost all serving narrow mandates on behalf of their nation, religion or tribe.  There’s a terrifying mismatch here between the nature of the problems and the means the world is deploying to tackle them.  “The world” itself doesn’t even seem to have a seat at the table.  But there’s no reason this should be so.  It is absolutely possible in the 21st century for us to begin a truly global conversation; to start nurturing that identity we share: one humanity.  Some use the language of promoting global citizenship, or reducing cross-cultural suspicion, or expanding our circle of empathy, or eliminating the “us/them” mode of thinking.  These goals are all linked, and any progress toward them is, I think, a very big deal. — Chris Anderson (TED Curator)


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