Scrum consulting a way to be on the wave

Friedman writes that there are two groups he calls “untouchables” in the new economy:

1. The specialsts: Consultants like Ken Schwaber, Tom Peters et al.
2. The localized: A barber, dentists etc.

These two groups are untouchable because they are not affected or even better, they will benefit from globalization.

I am not a dentist or a hair stylist. I am a consultant.  I believe that good professional consultants – like Stacia, Tobias, Jeff, Henrik are wanted and needed. These people know their domain, they are able to communicate well, and they have their own special way of delivering their message.

Maybe most important — they like people.  I have seen smart asses — no do not ask me who I mean.  These kinds of people are not interested in empowering people, these “consultants” and “coaches” do this job for one reason only: self-promotion.  They want to be stars, super-smart, knowing everything and they want to empower themselves by being teachers.

My advice – if you want to be a good consultant — like people, be a servant and know your stuff.


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