People are … Talent | The World is Flat

A truly creative society: Each person moves from project to project, from gig to gig. Global Voluntary Communities of Interest, rather then corporations, provide the bedrock upon which we stand. * LEARNING NEVER CEASES. SELF-RELIANCE IS THE NORM. EACH CAREER CONSISTS OF NUMEROUS “MINI CAREERS,” WITH TIME-OUTS ALONG THE WAY. (The cubical slave is dead! Long live the Free Agent!) * People aren’t just “people,” and they certaintly aren’t just “employees.” PEOPLE ARE … TALENT! * And they, like their “bosses,” recognize that Talent Is All There Is. (Tom Peters, Talent 2005)

With these view words Peters has created a picture, that we also found in “The World is Flat” by Thomas L. Friedman. According to him we will get flat hierarchies and we will have creative people working together globally. Friedman showed ten reasons that created the new flat world:

  1. The fall of the Berlin wall.
  2. The Internet started to rise: The World Wide Web.
  3. Work Flow Software and more and more Standarization.
  4. Uploading — blogging, community created content, community created software.
  5. Outsourcing.
  6. Off-shoring.
  7. Supply-Chaining.
  8. In-sourcing.
  9. In-Forming: Google, and other Search Engines.
  10. Wireless devices.

He believes that these 10 trends and events created the new platform that will enable a new way of working and living for talents. Peter and Friedman together see something that was already envisioned by Peter Drucker around the seventies. Drucker who created the term: “knowledge-worker” wrote that these intelligent workers will not need a boss anymore who tells them what to do. Drucker was right and wrong in the same time: He could not know that the technology will enable the individual to become a Talent.

Talent: A person, who is able to market himself, a person, who is be able to create, to control and to reinvent their means of production.

A creative artist, a writer, a person with a good idea can now start a business easily. The necessary hardware is very cheap. You can become a journalist. You need around 500 US Dollars for the equipment. You can become a writer for less. You can start a shop, by setting up a webshop, hosted at Amazon.

This is the new insight that we get from Friedman – you can start a global business. Alone or with some friends.



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