Life is too short for bad relationships | Kurt Nielsen and Boris in Legoland :)

Kurt and myself did a wonderful class in Struer, one hour drive away from Legoland (Billund), together.

Did you know that Bang & Olufsen is in Struer? The whole town, is dominated by this fantastic manufacturer. Very impressive. We did our class in one of the buildings of them in a very fancy meeting room :).

Besides this wonderful environment: — Preben Werther was a participant in this class. He was in the Special Forces and we had the chance to hear from him how a special force team works. It is very very scrumish. The whole teamwork is based on trust, and a very very dense communication. They are able to communicate with their bodies, with signs and with a short view. The know each other and it needs around 3 years till a special force team is on its performance edge. There is a formal leader, but in fact the one who knows the job becomes the leader in this situation. If they have to destroy a bridge, than the demolition specialist becomes the leader and everybody else becomes his hand. It was very insightful. I will run a special workship with Peter in Vienna in September. Dates will be announced soon.

Kurt Nielsen and I will run the next class in Denmark on the 3rd September 2008. We will run on the 5th of September an Agile Planning and Estimation Training. Fotos from the training you can see in a view days here.


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