CMMi and Scrum | Recife, Brazil 23rd of May 2008 | C.E.S.A.R.

C.E.S.A.R. organizes a very special event about Scrum and CMMi in Recife. Details can be found on I have the honour to be invited to speak there. The conference will be in Portuguese.

  • – “CMMI for Small Settings: Benefits and Challenges”, by Renato Vasques – lead appraiser CMMI, ISDBrasil, São Paul
  • – CMMi = Scrum. A provocation to see the truth, Boris Gloger, Certified ScrumTrainer and Coach, Germany

– Cases Presentations

  •, by Danilo, Technology Manager
  • Power Logic, by Product Manager
  • C.E.S.A.R, by Izabella and Felipe

– Papers (from pós-graduation works)

  • “SCRUMMI: A APM process Based on Scrum and CMMI” , by Ana Sofia Marçal, Federal University of Fortaleza.
  • “Fire Scrum: A Support Tool for Agile Project Management”, by Tarciana Katter, CESAR Education – Business Master Course.
  • “Process Improvement in Agile Software Development” , by Celio Santanta, University of Pernambuco.

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