Scrum-Cooking | Certified ScrumMaster Training | Boris in Vienna

I am looking forward to next week as I will be in Vienna.  On Monday 5 May, I will run the Certified ScrumMaster class in Germany.  Did you know, that we have more interest in Scrum in Austria than in Germany?

The training in Vienna is always a special event, as we have included in the training a special activity: Cooking.  Together with my friend Jürgen Margetisch ( we  will allow the participants the possibility of experiencing what it means to do Scrum.  To create a task force team and to accomplish a mission.

Pictures about the last events can be seen in my web gallery.

The idea  behind the cooking event was to allow people to experience performing Scrum in an enjoyable way.  Jeff Sutherland was impressed when we ran the class last month in Vienna.

If you want to see what will happen — drop me an email.  I have some space for guests.

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