Very good, I like it, but I know you can it do better. — Randy Pausch

In his last lecture “Lecture of a Dying Professor Randy Pausch mentioned how he created a new way of teaching his students:

He created a class with 50 students. And the assignment was that they had to form groups of 3 people and that each group had to build within 2 weeks a virtual world. At the end of these 2 weeks they needed to present what they had achieved. Then they needed to rearrange their groups and start again. So within one semester everybody had worked in 5 teams and had created 5 virtual reality experiences. (See below from his own slides deck)

virtual world with scrum, randy pausch

The most impressive thing he mentioned in the presentation for me was that he did not know what he should say to his students after the first time they presented their results. He was blown away. Their presentations were so extremely good that he had no idea what to say. So he called his mentor and was advised to say:

“Very good, I like it, but I know you can it do better.”

That was, what he did: This enabled his students to become better and better over time.

Our education system, is not good in helping people to reach their edge. The education system is about conforming people to stick to the standards or to accomplish something that is expected from them.

I told already a very impressive presentation given by Sir Ken Robinson about Creativity in school: Vodpod videos no longer available.

Scrum-Teams have to deliver more than is expected from them. Unfortunately most people have not trained what creativity is or they do have a completely wrong picture about what creativity is.

So how to we teach our kids, that they shall not meet but exceed expectations, that only their own goals do count?

Here is the presentation — very impressive:


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