Let your customer pull | You-Centric Marketing

The first is me-centric and explains that we’re promoting something that got made because we need to sell it. What we do is make stuff and sell it, and what you do is buy it or watch it. “I needed to make something to sell, here’s the best I could do.”

The second is you-centric. It starts with the needs and desires of the consumer and ignores the committees, the compromises and the economic realities. It says, “I found something for you, here it is.” — Seth Godin

When I did work for BroadVision I was introduced into the world of 1:1 marketing. The basic idea is that you will sell different products to your customer over the life time of you relationship. Seth Godin has used this concept and sharpened it in his writings: You-Centric marketing. Give your customers what they want, when they want it. Do not try to push material, emails, news-letters, flyers to your customers, but wait till they ask for.

The issues with the pull-principle is always that people first needs to know that they do need something :). You do have a product, and you know it is a very good thing for you customer, but how do you convince them? You do not! You explain what you have, you show who you are, you explain the benefits in way that you will find the people who are interested in what you have to say or to sell.

The important thing is — the customer will find you – if you are consitent – if you do have a clear message with a clear benefit.

Creating the attention for your product — that is done by being remarkable. More about being remarkable tomorrow.


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