Scrum Consulting | Marketing | Consulting is a Journey with your Customer

Some people say, that I am good in sales.  Shall I tell you my secret?  It is very simple: I tell the truth.  Always.  And I take responsibility.  I commit.

A consultant always sells himself first.  Only then does he sell the service.

A consultant needs to create a name.

We in the Scrum industry have not changed the way customers buy consultants.

It was always based on trust and performance.

They might make a first step by trying you based on a reference or a “name”.  But if you do not perform they will get rid of you.  Your name is only the entry ticket.  The work you do keeps you there.  Make a big promise AND overdeliver.

That is the big point behind a new blog entry from Seth Godin: Silly Traffic. Creating traffic on your website without having something that does really interest your visitors is useless.  He talks about the long tail metaphor.  An idea that we used at BroadVision without calling it long tail 7 years ago.

You want to deliver more and more to your customers than you have already.  You do not aim for a large amount of customers but for some very very good ones. Does this not contradict the idea of making yourselves useless?  Do you really want to make you customer independent from you?

No — but over the lifetime of your relationship with your customer, what will happen.  He will have different problems, different issues.  He will grow and so will you.  You might start with coaching teams, then you might coach the executives ….

Consulting is a journey


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