Scrum Coaching Master Class | September 2008

Coaching is an art.  Coaching is a business.  Coaching is fun.  Coaching can be the best profession in the world.  Coaching can harm!

I love coaching, teaching and training.  Since more than 10 years I have done this in the Software industry.  As the niche that I am working in — Scrum — grows, the need for good, experienced and professional Scrum Coaches and Trainers rises.

The way I helped people in the past to become Scrum coaches and trainers was ok for the old days. The people approached me needed only some advice, encouragement and then they went out to find their own claim.

Now we face a different situation.  We – the Scrum Community, the industry and, I believe, the society need more and more people who can tell the true Scrum story.  We need well educated professionals who can help teams and organizations to learn Scrum and to do Scrum effectively.

So I decided to start a new way of contributing to our industry. I want to help people starting to built their own consulting business around Scrum.

It will start as a very small group of people. A Master Class. I will work with very experienced Scrum coaches and trainers to teach a group of 20 people in Scrum consulting. The master class will provide within a time span of 2 years a 360 degree picture about what coaching will mean in the 21st century. We the trainers will work very close together with our students to ensure that the quality of the class meets my standards.

We will start end of September — the exact dates are still not fully defined.  People who are interested please send me your email address.  I will send out the exact program and dates, and the application procedures within the next 4 to 6 weeks .


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