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Clarke had a great idea, here is my comment



This is a great idea. If we need a new group for this?  Hmm, I will sign up, but maybe we should create a logo, like the yellow band of Lance Amstrong?  We can put this on our blogs.

I totally agree – F.e. In my classes I struggle with the fact that I know more and more, and that I want to impart my “wisdom” 😉 about everything and the rest” to the attendees , and then I overdo it sometimes. On the other hand I strongly believe that we need to bring the agile “groove” to all people.

I like your idea that it is a lifestyle, and again I believe you are right.  It has to do with collaboration, collaboration using new technologies, collaboration with customers and with managers, it has to do with a sense of quality and …..

Well maybe I am to euphoric about your idea, but obviously you expressed something that was in my mind and needed only a way to pop out.

Agile (and Scrum specially) is a new way to see, to think and to live.


On Sun, May 11, 2008 at 11:38 AM, he wrote:
Hi everyone,
One of the things that really bothers me about Agile – as a movement/revolution – is that a lot of good people are missing out on the benefits of working in an agile way because they’re convinced that agile is for rocket scientists.

You and I know that isn’t the case … but that’s the widely held perception.

And it keeps worse: as Agile keeps getting better and better, it also keeps getting bigger and bigger. This is great news if you’re a practitioner, but if you’re new to Agile, evaluating it, then Agile looks complicated, confusing and daunting. A lot of businesses miss out on Agile’s huge financial benefits. What’s worse is that a HUGE number of software development folk and their customers are missing out on all the “lifestyle” benefits of agile. To put that another way: millions of people’s lives suck, but they don’t need to.

I feel that we – the converted – need to put this right.

If you’d like to do something about it – or at least, discuss the situation further – then I’ve setup a new yahoo group …

What will you get out of joining in? Apart from some lively conversation and the chance to make the world a better place … you’ll help make the agile swimming pool bigger for all of us – that’s gotta help you make your future mortgage payments.

The one thing you WILL NOT get out of this is the chance to blame “those idiots” for not “getting it”.


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