“How long does it take to become excellent?” — “A minute!”

How long does it take to change? Tom Peters answer to this is ONE MINUTE!

I strongly buy into this.  People in Scrum training classes write in the evaluation review again and again the question: How can we apply this to my company?  How can we do …?  Will it work in my company?

This question is answered very simply – and I do this 1000 times in the Certified ScrumMaster class:

  • Yes, you can do it.
  • You do it when you start using Scrum.
  • You are a ScrumMaster when you start to understand Scrum and start doing it!
  • You are a leader when you lead. Not by title.

“The whole idea is personal commitment. A “simple” but determined commitment that one will never again, under any circumstances, do anything that is less than total excellence. — Tom Peters


2 responses to ““How long does it take to become excellent?” — “A minute!”

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  2. Danke für den Kommentar. Ich finde ihn echt gut. Scrum ist tatsächlich Arbeit. Scrum wird nicht eingeführt, indem man sagt, so jetzt mache ich Scrum. Doch — wie im Sport, ist das Training ist absolut notwendig, doch ohne das Commitment, es durchstehen zu wollen, kann der beste Trainer der Welt nichts erreichen. Darum geht es Tom Peters. Excellence ist ein Haltung, keine Handlung.

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