5 min on Scrum | Small Project(s) (-teams)

How to run Scrum in small teams — 90% of all companies are small? — Vienna

Was the question I got in the evalutation sheet last week in Vienna.  Small project teams.  That is the domain of Scrum.  Findings have shown us that small teams are far more productive than large teams. 5 to 7 people is the best size for teams. Teams of 2 persons or so are also teams, but of course they do not need a supervisor or a ScrumMaster.  Usually you will combine 3 of these small 2 person teams to run one Scrum development team.

But before you try to “solve”, your wrong way of organizing projects and team work, why not first analysing why you need to have 2 person teams. They often lack:

  1. Testers/Quality assurance people.
  2. Business Analysts/Domain Experts.
  3. Database Specialists.
  4. Grafic Designers.

So instead of thinking about the application of Scrum to very small teams, we should re-think the way the teams have been structured in the first place.

Add people up to 7 people. Add a ScrumMaster.  Find the Product Owner – you have your Scrum-Team and let them develop a great and cool product.


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