5 min on Scrum | Abnormal Termination

How to handle extreme problems coming form the outside within a sprint! Do we really need to abort the sprint? Different solutions? — Vienna

An abnormal termination is an abnormal termination.  As long as the team believes they can do it, they will try it and succeed.  The important point here is: the team decides.  No one else.  An abnormal termination is done when the Sprint Goal is not reachable anymore.  By continuing to move in a direction without hope of achieving the desired Goal is nothing more than sending your troops on a “death march.”

Before you abort a Sprint you have executed the “emergency procedure”

  1. Innovate!
  2. Find someone else to do it.
  3. Drop backlog items
  4. Abort the Sprint

Self-organization does not mean you are free to change the SPRiNT Goal within the SPRiNT or you can decide not to deliver.  Self-organization means, the team has to find the best way to reach the goal themselves.  Nothing else.  It is not a free ticket to do whatever you want.  But giving the authority to the team so that they can do whatever it takes.


One response to “5 min on Scrum | Abnormal Termination

  1. Hi Boris,

    Hey! Please put my blog (www.implementingscrum.com) under cool blogs and my training blog at http://www.michaelvizdos.com under Scrum Trainers / Coaches if possible!

    Also, this is a great posting and I did a similar posting on this a while ago and Tony nailed a cartoon on it. Check out http://www.implementingscrum.com/blog/2007/02/19/abnormal-scrum-call-the-terminator/

    Thanks and hope to see you somewhere in the world soon. Maybe next time not in some suburb in Minnesota with my niece!

    – mike vizdos

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