CMMi = Scrum. A Provocation to See the Truth | Recife, 2008

Recife, 23rd May — 200 people attended the very well organized event CMMi and Scrum. Teresa Maciel pulled a very nice, small but very enlightening confernce together. People from all over Brazil came to see Danielo from; Felipe, Ana Sofia, Eric, Roberta, Izabella from C.E.S.A.R.; Renato from Sao Paulo.

These presenters showed how easy it is to combine Scrum with CMMi and CMMi with Scrum. Most impressive was Danielos presentation about Scrum @ Incredible what they achieved since I trained them last December.

I talked about my ideas that Scrum is for a world that changes its current shape. You can see my slides here:

People who attended the conference and have seen my presentation. Can you please leave some feedback about the presentation and what I need to improve.


10 responses to “CMMi = Scrum. A Provocation to See the Truth | Recife, 2008

  1. Boris,

    I confess the event exceeded my expectations. It was really a great opportunity for Brazilian software community. I’m sure that maturity versus agility is currently one of the most relevant issue to software worldwide community.
    I’m very grateful and I thank you a lot for your support and participation during the whole event process.
    ( week, all presentations will be available on the Web.)

    I see you in the next Brazilian event ;-).


  2. I was there. 🙂

    Your presentation was amazing in all forms. As Tereza said here, the event exceed the expectation and the last part, when you and Renato talks about Scrum and CMMi provides a lot of insights. I personally think that Agile and CMMi are different from a philosophical point of view, because, as you have told, the new way to work have change and CMMi is not adapting itself in order to fit this new way (this is even more true when we look to implementation. Principles are good).

    Well, about the presentation, the only thing that could be better was instantly translation. Maybe cause you talk a quite fast. But, I has prefer hear you directly than use the translation. 🙂

    Hope to see you here as soon as possible.

  3. Boris, I was there, too! And I agree with Teresa. The event was a spectacle.
    I hope to see you here in the next event. 🙂

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  5. Congratulations Boris your presentation open our eyes for the future and for one better ROI.

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  7. teresa maciel

    The essence of the message transmitted by Boris was that organizations must adapt their way of work to the new business environment. CMMI and Scrum have similar objectives and principles, but different ways to reach them. While CMMI (if you consider the practices and not only goals) presents a heavy and detailed proposal, Scrum has brought a light, fast and collaborative approach. Why not use the Scrum approach as having goals of both?

  8. Hi Boris,
    I’ve been to the conference as well, and as the other participants said here, I was also amazed. By the quality of the presentations, and the richness of the information wich transited in all ways. And you couldn’t make it more explicit: SCRUM = CMMi. Just a little bit adaptations! =)
    Hope to see you again in Recife, thanks a lot for your time!

  9. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Gimmick.

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