30 Certified ScrumMasters | Recife, Brazil, May 2008

I certified today 30 people from Instituto Nokia de Technologia, Recife. As always in Brazil, the participants had been very engaged and they liked the new ideas.

About 50% of them did already Scrum but failed the NOKIA test. They phase the common problems: No well defined Product Backlog, wrong way to estimate, to many disturbances during the Sprint, classical waterfall thinking inside the developement organization and within the team also. We had long discussions about the right way to work on the Backlog Items (top to bottom) and we had very good discussions about working together between design and development team.

To solve these issues we implemented the ScrumMasters weekly during the trainings. So next week all ScrumMasters will meet to work on the impediments that they face currently. I am convinced that they will be able to start now tackling the most urgent impediments.

Luciano Felix, assisted me during the training and it was a pleasure to work with him.

See more of the pictures from the training in my webgallery.


Next Certified ScrumMaster Training in Sao Paulo, 31th of July.


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