An evaluation sheet of a class I did in Denmark last month — Boris

Hi want to share with you an evaluation sheet that I got about a Certfied ScrumMaster class. It is of course only one snap shot. It is not the best evaluation sheet I ever got, but it is ok.

What have been the significant events for you?
– A thorough training in what Scrum is and what it is not
– Networking with other users of Scrum
– I now realize what it takes to be a ScrumMaster, it’s not something you
just do besides your ordinary management activities. You have to be a

What went well?
– The dynamic start of the session was a good wake-up call
– The forced team rotation after each break really opened up the
communication. Generally, people were very open.
– Dynamic and engaged speakers, that combined theory with real-life
experience made the whole thing very trustworthy

What could be improved?
– Second day, the part about running Scrum for large teams. This could be
structured in a better way, supported with a digital presentation to keep.
I felt lost during that specific presentation, though I think I got the
most of it.

What still puzzles me?
I feel pretty unpuzzled at the moment, the training put a lot of things in
place for me 🙂

Rankings (1-10)
How was the training overall: 9
Will you recommend the training: 9

How valuable was for you
– History of Scrum: 7
– Boss Worker Game: 4
– Martian Game: 8
– Planning & Estimating: 5
– Retrospectives: 9
– Roles in Scrum: 10
– Velocity game: 8

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