Andreas Schliep is a CST! — I have New Mentorees.

Andreas Schliep is Certified Scrum Trainer — I am very happy to announce that Andreas Schliep was approved as a Certfied Scrum Trainer by Scrum Alliance recently. Mentoring him for a bit more than a year he has proved several times that he is capable of doing the job and I happy to see him being very successful.

Kurt Nielsen, Denmark — I put Kurt on last year in my mentoring program for becoming a Certified ScrumTrainer. He is doing very well. We did some trainings in Denmark together. I am sure he will be CST by the end of the year.

Andreas Wintersteiger, Austria — As Andreas is now leaving my mentoring program I had a new spot available. Andreas Wintersteiger is the new mentoree I took on. He works mainly in Austria, running his company Objectbay in Linz. He is a very profund agile person and I am happy to work with such a highly trained professional.

Luciano Felix, Brazil — I ask Luciano if he want to be my mentoree and he said yes. So from now on I will work with Luciano Felic, Recife. Luciano is very enthusiastic about Scrum, has run his first trainings and did great job last week in a training with me in Recife.

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