Deep Impact – A Certified ScrumMaster Training Made a Difference – (1)

Henrik Daae, Program Manager at a multinational company (12.000+ employees), sent me this feedback – I am so happy about it, that I need to share it with you.

Allow me to share some feedback with you, a month after the CSM
training at Bang & Olufsen, Struer, Denmark.

Before the training, I felt pretty convinced that my team was as Scrum
as possible, though I had a feeling we could perform better. The team
consists of 7 experienced developers and 2 qa’s, all with a very agile
mindset. On top of that, we have a good product owner, that is very

I went into the training with an open mind, but with a feeling that I
would probably not learn a lot. Boy, was I wrong! The training was
really inspiring – I could relate all the discussions to situations
back home in my team, and I learned that we as a team had become
comfortable – and a bit lazy. What does it mean to be lazy? Well – for
starters, we did not take the retrospectives very seriously.
Retrospectives were done as part of the sprint planning meeting, led
by me at the whiteboard – the manager leading the pen means that
people are not as open as they could be. Outcome of retrospectives?
Nothing – as we had no action items. Basically, it was a waste of time
and sometimes hurt moral.

Furthermore, even though we have a good product owner, we did not make
the best use of him. What does this mean? Well, we did not have a
proper product backlog in place – sure, we had a big list of features
for each project, but they were not prioritized in any way. Once we
started a sprint, we could have as much as 20 stories on the sprint
backlog – but they were not prioritized. The consequence was, that the
team was often working on 7-8 stories simultaneously – each team
member was working in his own domain. Ok, can this be so bad? YES!
When everybody is working on their own thing, the daily scrums become
boring because every man is working on his own subproject. So …
retrospectives were not interesting anymore, daily scrums were not the
morning energizer I envisioned and a lot of stories were left undone.

tbc …

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