Sao Paulo has 74 new ScrumMaster | May 2008

I am happy to announce that Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Manaus, and Cordoba in Argentina have now 74 (in total) new Certified ScrumMasters. (See Pictures hereCERTIFIED SCRUMMASTER CLASS, SAO PAULO, and for pictures taken by Marcio Marinho here.) Last week I trained two internal classes of a very large internet provider in Brazil and we held together with Peter Hundermark and Danilo Bardusco, a very successful open Certified ScrumMaster Class in Sao Paulo.

The participants at the Danilos presentation were especially happy  about the implementation of Scrum at

This time we had the important topic of DONE as a special topic in all the classes. In our industry we still deliver code of status “WOMM” (works-on-my-machine). We definitely need to change this! I love Ken Schwabers presentation about “A Canary in the Colemine”, that addressed this very nicely.

Those of you who attended the trainings: I would appreciate if you can give me your feedback about the class in the comments below.  Please answer the following questions as laid out in the format below:

  • What was a significant aspect of the trainings for me?
  • What went well?
  • What could be improved?
  • What still puzzles me?

The next class in Brazil will be in July and in October. Exact dates and locations will follow.

The next class with me is in Germany: Munich, 16.06.08


5 responses to “Sao Paulo has 74 new ScrumMaster | May 2008

  1. Ramal, Alexandre

    Hi Boris, first thanks for the knowledge passed for us, and i hope that this course was just the begining of long and productive years, with SCRUM. At realy this course had explain to me a lot of points that was not clear before, and now i am excited to put it in work. Wuff, wuff.

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  3. Marcos Lavieri

    Hi Boris, first of all, thanks for your very good skill to teach. So, let’s go for the feedback, following you recomendations:

    What significant event was there for me?
    After doing the Certified Scrum ProductOwner course in Denver, with Ken Schwaber and Mike Cohn, the ScrumMaster one was very good to clarify some doubts and to stress some knowledge. Very good for the momento my company is living now

    What went well?
    The general understanding of scrum and the end of some doubts

    What could be improved?
    One thing that made us very shy was the use of english, so a portuguese training is very interesting, think about that.

    What still puzzles me?
    What to put in or not in to the sprint, and how to accurately estimate the effort needed. Some needed things are not possible to be transformed on tasks, so this is very critical for us sometimes.

  4. First, thanks for the experience. The training was great and your tips will help me a lot as a SM.

    What significant event was there for me?
    The most significant event was to realize that Scrum is about people.

    What went well?
    I think the tips about how to be a good ScrumMaster were great. Like the one of “not standing between the team and the board like a teacher”. Theese small things that makes a big difference.

    What could be improved?
    I really like real life examples. Maybe you could use more examples when you talk about scrum contracts, or real cases like the one Danilo presented.

    What still puzzles me?
    How to accuratly size (not the backlog items. How to think in size and not in days or hours.

    Best regards.

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