Creativity | Scrum and Creativity | Twyla Twarp

Creativity is a force that helps us to survive. Creativity does not live in circumstances in which people can do what they want but creative solutions will occur, when people want to get things done in constrained environments.
With Scrum, the Team wants to deliver “potential shippable code” within the limits of

  • a fix timebox,
  • fix team members,
  • fix backlog items,
  • fix technological consideration
  • and many more.

The agility in Scrum does not result from variations within the Sprint but from variation, from change , introduced in between the Sprints.

Within the next weeks I will donate my blog to creativity, showing you insights and procedures around creativity.

Today I want to talk about the habit of being creative. Twyla Tharp (66) a famous dance performer, running a ballet school and definitely a master in creativity talked in the Harvard Business Review about Creativity. One of the insights she shares is:

“I think everyone can be creative, but you have to prepare for it with routine.”

She strongly believes that you have to practice to find new ways of doing it. You need to go beyond your limits you need to leave your comfort zones by doing a conccous act of movement. Be aware of you limits and then go beyond it.

“If you do only what you know and to it very, very well, chance are that you won’t fail. You will just stagnate, and your work will become less and less interesting and that is failure by erosion.”

Believe me it happens to me also – If I would not constantly work on the ideas and topics of my training, by changing and deepening the material my trainig would become less interesting.

As Twyla I tried to find new ideas by writing my book and by talking to Jeff Sutherland this spring. It changed a lot about the way I perform the training.
It helped me to learn more about the role of the Product Owner and it clarified the way I picture the Sprint Planning Sessions.

To help team members to use their creative potential is maybe the most rewarding aspect of being a ScrumMaster.


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