5 min on Scrum | Can I use Scrum as I should?

Can I use Scrum as I should? — Vienna

A frequent question in my class! On one side everybody loved what he/she has heard, the exercises convinced them and at the end doubt still lingers.

Let us phrase this question differently.

Can I live my life as I should?

Philosophy in its beginning had a clear goal: Socrates wanted to show people how to live their life. He taught them what passion is, what courage and many more things are.  He showed them by using rational arguments that there is no reason to be afraid. He even died telling his students that death is nothing to worry about.

Can I use Scrum as I should: Why not! if you are convinced that it will help you to be a better Manager, Software Developer, Tester, Teammember, a better Father because you are not worn out after work, but happy, then do it.

If you are convinced that running and eating salad is better than being a couch potato eating hamburgers then do it. But do not do it because you think it is better and you should do it.

If you are happy running software development the way it is, if you feel empowered by being treated like a dumb worker knowing nothing more than testing according to a document, do it.  But if you have seen that there is a different way, if you believe now that there is a better way -TRY IT! It is not easy and so what.

Nature has designed and created us to survive in hostile environments. We are even able to adapt to -20 degrees Celsius, we can survive in +40 degrees, we can build up endurance like a horse, we can climb better than a monkey and we can fight with animals like bears.

Nothing of this is easy – Just do it! If you want …..


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