Product Backlog | YOUR Examples | YOUR Templates

One of the largest Sprint Backlogs and Product Backlogs I have seen. Actually these are three different teams. One team has done the split of the Backlog Items very well ;). Most people want to have spreadsheets or electronic tools to manage them.

So let us ask YOU! Can you provide the reader of this blog with YOUR Examples – pictures, templates, ideas.

It would be perfect if you can put Your Examples into the comments section of this entry.

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One response to “Product Backlog | YOUR Examples | YOUR Templates

  1. Here is our sprint backlog

    we use coloured postits and keep our burndown chart visible on the board to ensure that we keep focus on it. Furthermore we have put up a paper describing our Def. of Done so you will have to look either to the floor or to the ceiling to avoid looking at it when moving tasks from “In progress” to “Done” ;o)

    – Yellow: Stories
    – Green: Tasks we created at Sprint planning
    – Red: Tasks that were created after Sprint planning

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