Scrum and Creativity | Walt-Disney Strategy

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Robert Dilts, one of the founders of Neuro-Linguistic-Programming, came up with a very interesting creativity live cycle. By studying Walt Disneys production process he found out that Walt Disney had established three different phases:

Creativity, Walt-Disney, Scrum, Boris Gloger

  1. The Dreamer – the creative process starts here. The Dream state gives everyone the possibility to fantasize and to have as many ideas as possible.
  2. The second step is the Realist: In the execution state results are produced.
  3. The last state gives everyone time to learn, by getting feedback.

This process is monitored from a Meta-Level.  So you can always go into one of the production states but then you go back into the Meta Level to decide what to do next.

The sequence is important in this cycle. You have to go from Dreamer to Realist to Critic. Most blocks in creative work come from the fact that people go directly from the dreaming state into the critic state. They go back and forth, back and forth without producing something.

Have a closer look – do you see the similarities between the Scrum Flow and the Walt Disney Strategy?

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