Scrum-Tools | Distributed Enviroments

Scrum Tools, tools that you can use to run Scrum Project. There are a lot! Maybe too many. This is a list which is not comprehensive, nor complete and I did not have any help in putting this list together. If you have another idea, if you know another tool, please send me an email, or put it into the comment section, so I can update this list.

6 responses to “Scrum-Tools | Distributed Enviroments

  1. Here’s the link for XPlanner ->

    Webbased tool with burn down charts and support for pair programming tasks.

  2. Thank you for mention our product.

  3. I have use Team Foundation Server with the Conchano Scrum Template and Task Board application. For a large team already working in Visual Studio this platform has a lot of advantages. Backlog planning is one of the weaker features but you can use some third party tools to fill in that gap.

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  5. Hi Boris,

    regarding V1: I’m using it (ok: I’ve to use it) and I hate it. It’s blown, it has slow response, it’s not platform independent (.NET Webservice, AFAIR)
    The UI could be more clear too

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