Hamburg has 29 new Certified ScrumMasters

What a location!  The first floating event location in Germany was the the place where we held the Certified ScrumMaster Training in Hamburg last week. White, stylish and more suited to having a great party with cocktails, lounge music and dance floor than for a training it was still the perfect location for our class. We had our caffe late and our espressos while sitting in the class, we could run our games in the cool breeze and we had exceptionally good food for lunch.

I must congratulate Dierk Harbeck my partner from Holisticon, Hamburg, who did a great job in organizing this training in Hamburg.

We collected some money as fines for being late so this time we can donate 200,- Euro to a very interesting project: Sternenbrücke.

Bild1Die Welt steht still bei der Nachricht: “Wir können für Ihr Kind nichts mehr tun…”
In Deutschland sterben jedes Jahr circa 4600 Kinder. Das Kinder-Hospiz Sternenbrücke betreut die
ganze Familie für 4 Wochen im Jahr auf ihrem
langen Krankheitsweg, um immer wieder eine Entlastungs- und Erholungsphase der
betroffenen Familien zu ermöglichen und
begleitet die Familie auf dem letzten Lebensweg ihres Kindes im Sterbeprozess.

200,- Euros is not very much! Not if you know that you need 280,- Euros/per day for a place in this hospice.  So maybe you would like to help this project and donate some more money.

I wish everyone a lot of fun with Scrum! And in case you have questions – send me an email.


One response to “Hamburg has 29 new Certified ScrumMasters

  1. Alex Schwartz, Berlin

    Hi Boris,

    as one of the attendees, I have to say the seminar was brilliant. You was very convincing. Me and many others of the new Scrum masters were feeling ‘evangalized’ in a very positive sense. You did much more than simply explaining us the Scrum tools and the mechanics of Scrum. You explained why Scrum will work and inspired me to really try to really live Scrum

    Will Scrum make my live easier? Definitely, no. It will not be easier. It will be much harder to make all impediments visible and to address them.
    However, I am completely convinced that Scrum can help us to be more successful and to be more happy, too.

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