Scrum Tools | Corkboards and Pen

Today I again had the discussion about developers really insisting on having an electronic tool instead of using a white – or corkboard. I do not know why some people are so insistent on having an electronic tool. But maybe if I quote someone else this might help more than my own mantra:

I found a very interesting post on this blog: Notes From A Tool User.

In short the whiteboard/corkboard promote conversations and collaboration among team members. If your management insists on seeing pretty reports and charts on their computer then challenge your management.

  • These reports are a waste – they don’t get shipped to the customer.
  • Invite management to visit the team room on a regular basis and see the progress themselves.
  • Have daily Scrum of Scrums that management attends so they can get their status fix that way.

One response to “Scrum Tools | Corkboards and Pen

  1. If the team is not co-located for some reason, then the use of an electronic tool would help the team on the way.

    If the team is co-located, I would just say “use the whiteboard”, have an open space to communicate and bring management and customers to see the progress exactly how you mention it, quoting the “Notes From a Tool User” blog!

    Unfortunately some teams don’t have the option to work closer or don’t have walls to put cards on it. Organizations need to change, and understand that using Scrum is more than having a product backlog, holding release and sprint planning sessions, having sprint reviews and retrospectives and daily scrum meetings.

    We need to change the way we communicate, the way we test, the way we follow our business users needs, the way we set expectations, the way we say “done”, and so on… doing that the team will start to look like an Agile team and can start doing an “ok Scrum”.

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