The Art of the Possible – Benjamin Zander

A post in the presentation Blog of Garr Raynolds, reminded me about the exercise we sometimes do in the training:
See his entry on: The Art of the Possible!
In the training we just replace the phrase: “Yes, But!” with “Yes, And!”

A ScrumMaster faces tons of problems everyday.  He has to appreciate them and then he solves them.

Again — a ScrumMaster’s job is to challenge people to show them – that it is possible. He is a leader in rough times. You have to introduce uncertainty and unpredictability when you want to change.
Tom Peters calls it deconstruction – you have to destroy to be able to get something new.

To put it more scientifically – A system does not want to be out of balance.  But you do not get something if you do not push it beyond its boundaries.

from The Art of Possibility. This is a simple idea: What would happen if you stopped worrying, stopped holding back, and stopped avoiding the possibility of mistakes and just said “Fuck it!” and then just did it. No thought of technique or of victory or defeat … just the moment.


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