Mechelen | 27 new Certified ScrumMasters in Benelux

We ran a certified ScrumMaster training in a very nice atmosphere near Mechelen, Belgium. Together with Prosource, Mechelen, we again delivered a training that the participants really liked. I was especially happy because at the end of the training most people said they now understand that cherry-picking from Scrum does not work. They said they want to go back to their organizations and want to convince people to follow Scrum “by-the-book”.

This is really one of the important things you need to get!

“My advice is to do it by the book,
get good at the practices,
then do as you will.
Many people want to skip to step three.
How do they know? ” — Ron Jeffries

I believe Ron Jeffries is right. And we all know that we first need to learn something. In this stage we are happy that we do it fairly correct. But the next stage is, when we feel right with this, to run our implementation a bit differently, here we will find ways to adapt it to our needs. And the last step will be when we do what works. Everything becomes natural.

1. Shu (守:しゅ, Shu? “protect”, “obey”) — traditional wisdom — learning fundamentals, techniques, heuristics, proverb.

2. Ha (破:は, Ha? “detach”, “digress”) — breaking with tradition — finding exceptions to traditional wisdom, reflecting on their truth, finding new ways, techniques, and proverbs

3. Ri (離:り, Ri? “leave”, “separate”) — transcendence — there are no techniques or proverbs, all moves are natural

— Wikipedia

When I started doing Scrum, I a;lso did cherry-picking. We did “Scrum-like”. Only when I came back from the first agile software development conference in 2003, in Utah — when I met Alistair, Ken, Kent, Ron, Jim and more — I understood that we need to do all practices and apply all principles. When I came back from Utah, I did Scrum by the book. And … we succeeded. We outperformed ourselves every Sprint.

So – in retrospect I can only say – I learned that cherry picking brings some value, but not the whole picture.


4 responses to “Mechelen | 27 new Certified ScrumMasters in Benelux

  1. Boris,

    Nice training.
    I came to this training fresh from Holiday , but didn’t have enough sleep anyhow.
    So your first challenge was to keep me awake .
    You succeeded very well .

    The Training was very Interesting and will allow me to make some changes at DHL .
    Even If I don’t succeed in doing so It will still have helped me to understand how life could be easier .
    We have implemented some part of SCRUM already but never called it scrum.
    It was funny to see these things come back and then see how it all could fit together.
    There are a lot of Impediments for me to take away . Not necessary as in a SRCUM Master role but more in a Manager role so My scrum masters can do there JOB .
    I’m looking forward to the challenges and hope to see you soon for the introduction meetings here at DHL .

    Thx for the excellent training it was an Eye opener


  2. Hey Boris,

    We will sit together as a group this week to refine our SCRUM offerings and capabilities.

    We keep contact.

    Thx for the nice insights!

  3. Marijn De Pooter

    Hey Boris,

    Great job. Most courses tend to get boring after a while, but this one really kept my interest till the end. I have learned a lot during these 2 days and got a very clear picture of what a scrummaster should be.
    I’m very much looking forward to bring SCRUM into practice!

    Thnx again!


  4. Hey Boris,

    Once more… very interesting course and brought in an interesting way!
    Knowing that doing things by the book is essential but more important, you have given my the insights & arguments to try to convince people to do it the right way. It will take some effort but at least we have a good start…


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