Scrum Video – Intro Movie

There is a nice introductory video about Scrum on YouTube that I just found today:

It was based on the characters and photos taken by: Jeff, Jens, Jim, Gabby and others. Very nicely done it is too.

I have only a couple of comments:

The video still shows certain things about Scrum that I do not teach any longer, such as:

  1. The Product Owner is not a chicken, so he is allowed to talk.
  2. The Sprint Backlog is a list of tasks, this is obviously correct, but this is not the only outcome of the Sprint Planning Meeting.
  3. The Sprint Review is not done for the Product Owner, but for the End-User.

4 responses to “Scrum Video – Intro Movie

  1. Jens Østergaard

    1 It does not say that the PO can not talk at Daily Scrum, but Ørjan interpreted it that way and he had to change it to visitor. Could not reshoot the scene. I agree that the PO can talk, but only if he/she is commited to Scrum

    2 I agree

    3 I do not agrtee, as it is mainly done for the PO, but all stakeholders should be there

    It was a big job doing the film and I constantly had to change things. Finally I said, screw it, publizise it

  2. Our Product Owner takes part on the daily scrum daily.
    We even have one of or customers reporting every day. They stick to the rules and it helps a lot.

    We simply have the rule that everyone who is related to us can take part and say something, when he is doing it reguarly and teh reporting helps the team. It was anyway the teams decision and i guess that rule is more important than the daily-standup-rules: Ask the team. 😉

  3. I really like this comment. It shows that you use your common sense.

  4. Only possible because we have pete to make us stick to the rules if common sense takes control too much.

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