Certified ScrumMaster Training in Wien/Vienna | September 2008

We will run a Certified ScrumMaster training in Vienna on the 17./18.09. This class is going to be again something very different.

My guest star this time is Stacia Broderick. Stacia is the co-author of “The Software Project Manager’s Bridge to Agility.” Stacia and I worked several times together and I know this will be an exiting semiar. Stacia really loves people and she is an outstanding trainer. She will bring wiht her an exercise that will top my Scrum Cooking event 🙂 So I promise that this will not only be a roller-coster of experiences but also an opportunity to learn in a very intuitive way everything you will need to know about Scrum to run you Scrum teams the most effective way.

Stacia worked also as the ScrumMaster in the most prominent Scrum Project ever undertaken: The Primavery Scrum implementation in which Bob Schatz was the Sponsor. Today Primavery ships software every 2 weeks with outstanding quality. So we will not get only her very cool exercises but also her wide range of experience. Especially project managers in larger companies will benefit from Stacias great deal of experience and her insights into the nature of project management.

Together with the cooking event on the evening of this training – we will be able to guarantee that this will be a training you never forget.

For every person who is interested please notice that this training is also very demanding. We need your full attention, and we will run the class on the first day from 09:00 till 22:30. And we will start on the second day on 08:30. (And the cooking event is not an option. You will only get your certification if you attend the full time.)

If you want to extend the the class for an even wider range of experience we will run the Agile Planning and Estimation Training on the 19. September. People who attend both classes the CSM + the APE training will get also the Certified Product Owner Certificate.

More Details about these classes you will get directly from me.

  • 17-18.09.2008 Certified ScrumMaster Training in Vienna
  • 19.09.2008 Agile Planning and Estimation (Bundle = CSPO)
  • 20.09.2008 Scrum Brunch with special Guest. More details tomorrow.

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