Impact of collocation on team effectiveness – Study

Dear Agile associate,

I am supporting a research project by fourth-year Information Systems students at the University of Cape Town on the impact of collocation on team effectiveness. The attached letter explains the study.
I would be very grateful if you would be willing to forward this mail to applicable team(s) that you work with with the request that they complete the online questionnaire located at

This questionnaire is aimed at a team level and the researchers need to be able to differentiate between the different teams. Therefore in Question 4 – “Team / Project name” – each participant should be careful to fill in his or her team name. In addition to this, it would be appreciated if all the team members within a team can complete the questionnaire, in order to ensure that the survey results are valid.

Respondents to this study will be entitled to receive a copy of the research results.

Lastly, please note the the cut-off for completing this questionnaire is Friday 8 August.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Thanks and regards,


Peter Hundermark
Certified Scrum Coach
Scrum Sense CC
mobile: +27 84 261 3860
fax: +27 86 661 3860
skype: peterhundermark

One response to “Impact of collocation on team effectiveness – Study

  1. The URL is incomplete (cut off).

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