Heartbeat Retrospectives | Video

Retrospectives are a VERY important part of Scrum. The heartbeat retrospectives will enable a team to become more productive from Sprint to Sprint. Unfortunately a lot of teams perform retrospectives, but they also do not run them very well. In my book: Scrum – Produkte zuverlässig und schnell entwickeln.  I describe the way you should perform a heartbeat retrospective in detail.

If you do not have the time to read the book – I talked about it in London You can see the video here.

The six step approach always works – Today I will use these slides to illustrate the stories and metaphors better:

A comment to step 1: Create Security – In The competitive Imperative of Learning, Amy C. Edmondson, Harvard Business Review, July-August 2008, showed that this step is the prerequisite. The environment you create can be characterized by “Psychological Safety.” And the article also shows that you do not need to fear that the team will fall into lethargy. “Psychological Safety does not operate at the expense of employee accountability; the most effective organizations achieve high level of both. (p. 64):

Scrum, Teamwork

Scrum, Teamwork, Psychological Safety


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