Lean in Hospitals | A book by Mark Graban

I found this book: Lean in Hospitals by Mark Graban. I have not read it yet, but the idea is very interesting.

I still believe that the focus on lean is the wrong direction. In “The Toyota Way” by Jeffrey Liker the principles behind the Toyota Production System are described. Liker mentions in his last chapter that ideas like Lean, Six Sigma, Lean Management, and the Theory of Constraints are only short-cuts that will not work in an environment that does not emphase the values and principles of the Toyota Production System.

When I read the book 2004 the first time I was so fascinated that I wrote a mapping between the 14 Principles and Scrum. I still believe the mapping is valid. If you want to read it – have a look: Scrum Delivers.


One response to “Lean in Hospitals | A book by Mark Graban

  1. Thanks for mentioning the book. I certainly try to preach the message, in my book and on my blog, that there are no shortcuts to being Lean. My book describes what I think is a true view of the Toyota Production System as applied to healthcare settings — tools, management system, and philosophy all matter. That’s what many (not all) hospitals that say they are “doing Lean” are successfully implementing. I’d invite you to check the book out and, especially, to share it with someone who works in healthcare.

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