Show | How we think in Pictures

I followed an article of Garr Raynolds about a book called “The Back of a Napkin” by Dan Roam. I am not going to explain what he talks about, because he has done this on his own website, very well.

Back of a Napin

Back of a Napkin by Dan Roam

I read his book, first I was disappointed, because he would show me, how to draw simple pictures, that I could use in my own presentations, but then I understood what he was really going to explain in his book: He shows us that we should differentiate between “See”, “Look”, “Imagine” and “Show”, when we talk about Visual Thinking. He explain, what he means on his website, too.

What his book did for me, it showed me how my process of recognizing the world works. And this will help me to explain my ideas in future better. I know it, because I tried it. I works. The Back of a Napkin, by Dan Roam


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